care sector

Whenever we make mistakes, it is important that we take responsibility and set them right. When Government makes mistakes, it is essential that they do the same. This is particularly the case when the mistakes made by Government impact on vulnerable people or on an essential but fragile sector. I doubt anyone finds that a contentious thing to say - it's not hyper partisan or particularly controversial. And yet Government doesn't seem to agree.
Political turmoil has largely characterised the social care scene in 2016, resulting in a continuously changing political
While the care sector often receives less attention than the sound bite-ready NHS, we mustn't forget about the significant
We need to attract more people in the UK to become care workers and to do this we need to stop being a youth-obsessed society and start seeing older people as real human beings and value their wisdom and life experience. By valuing older people more, we will value the people who care for them and vice versa - the two are entwined.