career path

You don't have to quit your job and start a business to have a lifetime of career satisfaction. When you know your values and beliefs you can scavenge the world for companies who align with them.
I earned my teaching certification over a year ago, and at first, I was so excited to teach; now, after seeing all of the political and bureaucratic bullshit involved, the idea repulses me. Teaching summer school the past couple of years has been kind of alright because there aren't any standardized tests or government dictates involved.
Today's society despite what many believe does pressure many young people to get a job quick, almost without thinking or caring what it is, just so you can say you have one. Sometimes it can be hard to take a moment to consider what could be the most important direction for your future career path.
Business needs to engage in their local communities and work with schools more directly. However, this must be more than getting business people in to give the occasional talk. Business should offer placements and deliver workshops - to provide the much needed insight into the skills that young people need. We should also be working with them to create innovative ways of providing resources, information and case studies.
Since starting in my new role this July, I've been really impressed by the standard and attitude of our apprentices. Not only do they have the expected focus on their education and skills development, they are also career focused and actively engaging in wider business activities that supplement their personal development.
I'm an ordinary, hard-working woman and have climbed the corporate ladder vigorously. At 25 I was already earning a 6 figure salary & won every award along the way. At 26 I was managing employees 20 years my senior and hosted a business radio show on the side. My whole life up to this stage has just been: Go, go, go! But something lacked.