It would be a backward-looking and a short-sighted mistake if we cancelled this transformational railway project, MPs Lucy Powell and John Stevenson write.
The man was found hanging upside down from the top of the landmark in the early hours of Monday morning.
Footage from the scene appears to show a figure, upside down with his legs in the air, at the top of the chimney.
BBC Radio Cumbria journalist Steven Bell said that there was a "major risk" that two electricity substations could flood
Three teenagers will appear in court on Monday charged with the murder of schoolboy Jordan Watson who was found stabbed to
A woman has been charged with child neglect after a toddler was found abandoned in a pram in the street. The two-and-a-half
Police have traced the mother of a young girl who was found abandoned in a pram outside a house late yesterday. The child
Police are appealing for help after a young girl was found abandoned in a pram in Carlisle. The child, believed to be about
A takeaway boss has been jailed for 15 years after paying under-age girls for sex and inciting others to become child prostitutes