Carnaby Street

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It's easy to reel off London's most notorious landmarks: historic, imperious Big Ben; the London Eye, with its iconic silhouette
A 91-year-old man has confessed to the previously-unsolved killing of a woman in 1946 - thought to be the longest ever period
The trend of opening a store with limited edition items for a short period of time, closing, (popping down) before moving to another location, has worked wonders for many niche brands. Consumers rush to purchase items knowing they only have from a weekend, to a few weeks, before the store closes for good.
When I was asked to think about a project drawing on the musical history of Carnaby (Carnaby Street itself plus the 12 streets that surround it), I thought about what it meant for a place to be so strongly associated with a time, in the way Carnaby Street has been with the 1960s. Often when I have mentioned the project to people, they have answered by talking about 'that time' as if it only existed then.
'No political or cultural figurehead has ever come up with the phrase "a British dream", so Mod appeals to me politically because it's the closest we've ever come to having an American Dream.' So says Richard Weight, author of Mod: A Very British Style.
You've seen her from behind - now here's the face of the snapper's muse who features in a series of globetrotting photographs
UPDATE: Face Of Photographer's Girlfriend Who Led Him Around The World Is Revealed A photographer has combined the two loves
When Jason Holmes met Martin Brighty, owner of Soho-based gentlemen's outfitter Peckham Rye, he discovered the latest chapter
To the rear of an antiques cum junk shop on Bethnal Green Road lie the offices, or should I say office, of Eddie Piller, the brains behind one of the UK's most successful independent record labels, Acid Jazz Records, which was responsible for nurturing the musical talent of Jamiroquai, the Brand New Heavies and Mother Earth.
At first glance, hidden behind Carnaby Street in Kingly Court, two floors up above the bars and clothes retailers, Youth