Carole King

3. Fantasy (1973) - This is the unfairly maligned concept album in which CK imagines herself as a number of different characters
Louise Goffin has more than paid her dues. She may be Carole King and Gerry Goffin's daughter, but in forty years of writing
I recently went to see "Beautiful", the Carole King bio-musical that follows her rise from Brooklyn bobby soxer to Brill Building hit machine. Does it get any better...a night of songs that feel like old friends?
Gerry Goffin, the US songwriter responsible for more than 50 US top 40 hits has died, at the age of 75. The Oscar-nominated
The past year has been one of great change for songwriter Sara Bareilles. To passers-by everything seemed swell, she had a successful music career, a house in Los Angeles and a close-knit group of family and friends.
A musical biopic of Carole King might not seem the most likely of shows to secure production from the Broadway bigwigs but nevertheless we have an initial premiere at the Curran theatre in San Francisco, before the New York reviews in November. And it could be that those who signed this one off might be looking at a success.
The most poignant moments on this record are also its finest and throughout, the arrangements build magnificently; these are endings to stop conversation and put pauses between breaths.
Today, if you visit iTunes or any other digital retailer, you can find Pamela's first album, which was simply entitled Pamela Polland. It is very good, but it is not the masterpiece. Furthermore, the earthy photography seems to downplay rather than emphasise her good looks. Get it anyway.