Carolyn McCall

Meghan told Oprah Winfrey she had experienced suicidal thoughts, which the Good Morning Britain presenter cast doubt on.
Former contestant have criticised the level of support offered by bosses.
I use and like easyJet. I don't even mind that they charge me extra for taking my suitcase along: £30 for the privilege, bumping the fare up by over 20%. But I do mind when they 'take' money for nothing when I no longer need an optional extra...
Angela Ahrendts, chief executive of Burberry, is leaving the luxury goods firm to join technology giant Apple. The Burberry
EasyJet has joined the upper echelons of share trading after it soared into the FTSE100 index on Wednesday afternoon. The
We, the undersigned, are puzzled as well as disappointed that the government plans a double-inflation increase in Air Passenger