Dawn of a new era Formula One is a sophisticated sport. The amount of resources poured generously into the operations of
The world's oldest working car, a 1884 De Dion Bouton, has exceeded all expectations and sold for a stunning $4.6m (£2.9m
Honesty appears not be the best policy among some motorists, according to a survey. A total of 7% would drive way away if
So 80 is soon to be the new 70 – or at least that is what Philip Hammond has in mind. Given that the existing speed limit on motorways was introduced in 1965 a review makes sense. The world moves on and circumstances alter.
The UK's first public hydrogen filling station has opened in Swindon.
Citroen's latest concept car is one that it says is aiming to make travel fun, but not in the small sports car style that
Audi has unveiled the Urban Concept, a two-seat tandem electric city car characterised by open wheels and a huge, gaping
A four-year-old girl in China has been caught on camera driving a car down a busy road. The girl's father allowed her to
The latest Watson car insurance index shows the average 17-20 year-old male is now paying £4,006 per annum for a comprehensive cover.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Many Britons who regard their home as their castle are also pretty proprietorial about the parking spot
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