Cash for Access

Gove's departure from education has removed much of the controversy surrounding his education reforms. But his tenure as chief whip has overseen the Coalition's first defeat in the Commons, two defections to Ukip and open rebellion.
Since I started writing about politics, a few people have asked me whether I'd ever consider standing as an MP myself. The answer is a very definite no. And actually, it's nothing to do with the money. I'd almost certainly be a terrible politician, and here are five of the many reasons why...
Former Conservative foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind is stepping down as an MP after May, as well as chair of Parliament's
Former foreign secretary Jack Straw will take a job with an office furniture firm that won a £75 million government contract
What amazes me however, is that, as we have seen in previous 'scandals', there remain a diminishing few Parliamentarians who are so quick to consider outside interests, with not a thought about the risk to public perception of inappropriate influence...
So far all this scandal has done is reinforce the perception that many politicians are more interested in making money that representing their constituents. There needs to be fundamental change. At the very least, if second jobs are to be allowed then the taxpayer should not be expected to subsidise them as well.
The Conservative party has suspended the whip from Sir Malcolm Rifkind after he was caught in a cash for access sting by
Jack Straw insisted he is "mortified" to have been caught in a cash for access sting, but he won't get much sympathy from
Tony Blair has issued a fierce defence of Jack Straw, his former foreign secretary, after he was caught in a cash for access
Senior Conservative backbencher Sir Malcolm Rifkind has declared it is "simply unrealistic" to believe MPs can survive on