cash-in-transit heists

Police officials say their stabilisation programme to reduce crime is paying off.
CIT heists are now the fastest-growing form of aggravated robbery in South Africa, an industry fundi says.
Police say the robbers shot at the vehicle in Hillbrow, injuring security guards and bystanders, and killing a police officer.
With bullets hitting his vehicle, he came to a halt when one of the tyres was hit. He stopped the vehicle and waited for the robbers to approach him.
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The police have been on the offensive trying to combat cash-in-transit heists, with a number of arrests happening in a short space of time.
Forty-nine vehicles have been lost so far this year, at a cost of R64m to the industry, according to Sabric's presentation to the committee.
Cash-in-transit workers are protesting the heists rocking their industry. HuffPost asked the workers what more could be done to ensure their safety in the workplace.
'These guys, they bomb us,' says a cash-in-transit worker who fears for his life in light of the recent heists around the country.
'Heist! South Africa's Cash-In-Transit Epidemic Uncovered' author Anneliese Burgess says excessive force alone cannot end cash-in-transit heists; we need to prosecute more criminals.
For R50,000, would-be cash-in-transit robbers can apparently get the advice of a convicted murderer in prison, plus the guns thrown in.
The police minister reportedly met with crime intelligence officers this week to point out priority areas.
According to Fidelity CEO Wahl Bartmann, video clips of heists show how organised – and almost professional - they are.
Government and employers are not doing enough to protect security guards from criminal syndicates, security guards allege.