More businesses have gone cashless in the Covid-19 era. How necessary is that? Here's what experts have to say about germs and paper money.
More than 1,000 ATMs were converted to charge fees in March alone.
The third sector and those it aims to help are the immediate and most obvious casualties of a cashless society
When it comes to spending, some prefer cash, while others prefer cards. Which is better?
Severe drought - like the one faced by Zimbabwe in 2015 - can cause hunger and misery for thousands of people. The response
I have spent a large part of my life teaching people how to save and how to make the most of their money. However, it is
But does this mean for those of us who, may not be in the top 1%, but have certainly earned our fair share of wealth?
As someone who regularly calls for innovation and necessary disruption in the financial sector it might seem strange, what I am about to say. I don't like contactless cards.
When it comes to the way you make your everyday purchases, change is most definitely afoot. Just last week the Bank of England announced plans to introduce plastic money - a move that some say doesn't just mark the end of paper notes, it is one more indication that we may soon see the end for cash in general.
According to Christian Sylt, for CNN, Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has claimed the New Jersey Grand Prix is off for 2014