Cassius Clay

Me? I was never a fan of the brutal sport of boxing; but I was always a fan of Muhammad Ali. Like everyone else on the planet, I watched him every chance I got, whether he was fighting or just talking. He dominated his sport, changed attitudes to minorities, and lit up our lives.
He was arguably the most celebrated boxer of all time.
Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has died, aged 74. The three-time world heavyweight champion, who had battled Parkinson’s disease
Fifty years ago today, Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam leader, announced Cassius Clay would be renamed Muhammad Ali
It was 50 years ago today Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali, was crowned heavyweight champion of the world at the
Henry Cooper floored Cassius Clay, later to be known universally as Muhammed Ali, in Round Four at Wembley Stadium 50 years
To my mind, there has never been a sportsman with less to prove than Holyfield. To continue fighting now is madness and I only hope the medical authorities ruling over boxing finally force the old warrior to hang up his gloves
Muhammad Ali's 70th birthday is occasion for both celebration and sadness. Celebration because it allows us to reflect on the huge impact he has had on the world both in and out of the ring. Sadness because it seems more than likely that he won't be around to celebrate his 71st.
Muhammad Ali may be a shadow of his former all-powerful self, but his 70th birthday will today bring in congratulations and