cat attacks

A family forced to call the police after their 22lb cat started attacking them are giving him another chance. Lee Palmer
UPDATE 'We're Not Getting Rid Of Him': Family Stand By Cat That Held Them Hostage After Attacking Their Baby A family and
Well, no good reason except for the fact that its owner told it to. Nice one, Pouncey (for that is your name). We now think
It's an epic battle between animals and technology! "This is my cat Remy," writes YouTuber Melissa Thielen. "She does this
Now, a cat crawling into a plastic bag tube would be great enough. But a cat crawling into a plastic bag tube and then being
This latest video from Petsami shows just how mean cats can be. As if we didn't know. It also shows why it's a very bad idea
And you thought this cat was mean. Yes, say hello to the Japanese kitty in the YouTube video above - who's finding internet
Now, we have no idea what the cat at the front did wrong here. Apart from hog the sofa all to himself, obviously. But whatever
We don't know what this kid has done to upset his cat - but she's clearly not going to rest until she's showcased all her
Ah, we love it when cats fight back! (Unless it's us they're fighting, obviously.) Just look what happens when a couple of