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Brussels remained on lockdown on Sunday with authorities searching for key suspects in connection to the Paris attacks. On
When it comes to celebrating our feline friends, we can think of no better listicle than this: 25 reasons why we we love
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An entire village lost its power during a daring mission... to rescue a cat from an electricity pole. Engineers rushed to
First, there was Sports Balls Replaced With Cats. But now? Now there's the marvellous Brides Throwing Cats. Here are a few
According to Fox 31 Denver, nearly 30 firefighters responded to a house fire in the city of Boulder, Colorado on Monday. Fortunately
With his flamboyant moustache, Hamilton the Hipster Cat bears more than a passing resemblance to the surrealist painter Salvador
At last, it's the Facebook page that answers the question: "What would sport photos look like if you replaced the ball with
The internet sensation known as Grumpy Cat has celebrated her first birthday! Hoorah! And as you'd expect, she 'celebrated
The internet phenomenon of lolcats was around long before the world wide web it seems, with even the venerable Victorians