cat tricks

This cat just made our day. And she might just make yours, too. For Vasilisa the Kurilian Bobtail has a very special talent
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Momotaro. Momotaro is an adorable cat who lives in Japan. And not only can Momotaro can walk on
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mulder. Mulder is Kristian Svenson's cat - and the sneaky thing has learned how to open doors
Was there ever a finer (or shorter and sweeter) example of inter-species cooperation? We think not. Nice work, Waylon (the
More specifically: Dexter the cat opens the door for Gizmo the dog. Yes, we've had three-legged dogs opening doors for dogs
Cassie the cat has a novel way of letting her owners know that she wants to come inside. Ah, if only British homes had screen
Thought this video of a cat opening a front door was impressive? Boy, have we got a treat for you! And it comes in the form
And today's 'wait for it... wait for it...' video is... wait for it... this one! You'll already know from the headline that
Now here's a video that's just crying out to be made into a GIF. Yes, step forward - or rather, roll back - Saori, the silver
It's only 10 seconds long, but this video will BLOW YOUR MIND. Possibly. Because it shows an internet cat doing what it does