cat vs dog

"That's right - get out. And stay out!" We're sure he'd slam the door, if there was one. Look, come on kitty and doggy. Why
Take one over-friendly husky. Add one very reluctant cat. And what have you got? The adorable, hilarious animal encounter
This was apparently the first time this kitten and Staffordshire bull terrier had met. And as you can see, it all went swimmingly
It's Rocky and Apollo Creed all over again! Yes, be prepared to "Ooh", "Ahh" and shout "Come on, Fluffy!" as Peaches the
In the never-ending battle for supremacy between cats and dogs, the balance of power shifts on a minute-by-minute basis. Sometimes
It's the question that's been bothering us for weeks: who'd win in a fight between a dog and a cat over a very small burger
It's amazing what you can do with a copy of Adobe After Effects, a decent computer, a cat, a dog, a couple of hours and a