catalan independence

What is clear however is that Spain is disunited and what its constitution has to say on the Catalonia issue is not fit for purpose. It is time both Rajoy, or better yet a new Prime Minister who won't assault his own people, and Puigdemont come around the table and resolve their differences in a genuinely democratic and diplomatic way - for the sake of Catalonia and the rest of Spain.
"It needs to happen in my lifetime. We have wanted and deserved it for too long." Emma, a student studying in Barcelona, is a Catalan Independiste. She belongs to the 50% of the population of Spain's north-eastern region who would like to see Catalonia split from the Spanish state to form an autonomous country. And her cause is steadily gaining tangible political progress.
While it is clear that the locus of political power now lies in Brussels, where the Commission is attaining ever more power to vet member state budgets and economic policy, it is not EU flags that are being burnt in Athens or Madrid.