Hot on the high heels of Hollaback!'s catcalling video comes another social experiment, this one features a very drunk young
When a woman is catcalled, 99.9% of the time people want to know what she was wearing. As if wearing a short skirt or a skimpy
When 24-year-old Shoshana Roberts walked the streets of New York with a hidden camera, she was catcalled no fewer than 108
I feel like as men we are often pretty unaware of these defaults, which is maybe why some people don't "get" that the Hollaback video is simply a broader indication of the way it seems society places different value on the way men interact with other men and with women. It also hits home how lucky we are to be operating without constraint
Girls, we're the problem. If we don't want our appearances commented on each and every day, if we take issues with our crotches being stared at by strangers on the train, if we find ourselves ashamed and embarrassed by a hail of catcalls then we shouldn't be outside at all.
Unless you were living under a rock last week, you'll have no doubt seen the catcalling video that went viral. If not, let
What can we do to make women feel safer? The UK, home to one of the greatest feminist movements of the 20th century, needs to act now, and set an example to the rest of the world. Rather than focusing on what T-shirt the Prime Minister is wearing, let's start with actually tackling the sexism that inspires violence. That battle is far from won.
When most of us get catcalled, we respond by rolling our eyes or sticking two fingers up at the (usually male) perpetrator
As women we've all experienced catcalling and street harassment. Sometimes its mild and sometimes its extremely vulgar. When its bad and I'm in a particularly bad mood I wish I could pull a sawed-off shotgun out from under my floral dress, point it at the lowlife and say, "not so pretty now am I!" but in reality I can't do this.
No, there's only one real reason why certain men catcall. To make women feel like crap. To remind us that they're big and we're small. To reinforce the idea that we're there to be looked up and down and not much else. To make us feel like we only exist to gratify them. To make us feel worthless, degraded and stupid. And it has to stop.