Catherine Bearder

Despite growing evidence that the environment is not getting better that voice has faded in all our political discussions. We need that voice now from the Liberal Democrats and for me, as a committed environmentalist that would be enough to support Ed Davey.
In order to get any sort of good deal for Britain we need friends, not enemies; you should be reaching out, not turning your back or stamping your well shod feet. British expectations should be realistic from the outset.
Some time within the next thousand days, Britain will vote as to whether or not it wants to remain within the European Union. It will be - without doubt - one of our nation's most momentous and most uncertain decision. The choice is stark: Partnership or isolationism? Internationalism or tribalism? The ability to be at the centre of global events or a retreat into petty insignificance?
Imagine if you ran a lemonade stall outside your home just like the HSBC advertisement. You may have been successfully selling lemonade to your neighbourhood and paying your VAT like a good little taxpayer. What if the rules changed and now you had to ask each and every customer where they lived?