A hilarious parody of Catholic Vote's controversial 'Not Alone' video has emerged and it is EVERYTHING. The original video
A Catholic Priest has issued a warning against communicating with “demons” as a social media craze goes viral. The Charlie
This Easter Christians have an opportunity to reflect on the message of Christ's redemption and commit to putting their faith into action by tackling the injustices that keep many millions of people from a life lived in all its fullness. In the past, people of faith have been seminal in bringing about social change.
Religious employees feel under pressure to keep their beliefs hidden at work, with Christians regarded as bigots and Jews
In a startlingly progressive move, the Vatican gave a group of American gay and lesbian Catholics VIP seats at Pope Francis
Nowadays we send one another over-priced confectionery, bits of cherub encrusted tat through the letter box, or limp decapitated flowers. Writing cards still persists, though once again the cards are ordinarily sent to someone in the office (someone we have a guy or girlboner for).
NEW YORK -- Pope Francis will address a joint meeting of the US House and Senate on September 24, becoming the first pontiff
We had been told about Natural Family Planning at marriage preparation but it was all a bit disgusting, (its not just dates and calendars you know, there is a big emphasis on mucous, its grim) and frankly I don't see the point.
I choose to my put my faith in humanity, I don't feel the need for a creator to make sense of the world whether he takes an active interest or not. For me the trick is to be content in the not knowing bit, I don't know and I probably never will categorically know...
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