Cathy Warwick

A woman can be liable to life imprisonment if she terminates a pregnancy beyond 24 weeks.
Thousands are calling for the Royal College of Midwives to retract its "extreme" position to scrap the abortion time limit
This kind of language, pillorying the very people working hard to maintain a safe service, is bad enough when it appears in a shoddy piece of journalism, but should simply be beneath a secretary of state. I know I am not the only one who reacted in this way. A great many midwives and people working in and around our profession have been in touch to express similar thoughts.
The British people are rightly proud of their NHS and will campaign to save it from confused, misinformed and ideologically driven changes. By so doing, families will be spared the worry and the misery of having to find the money to treat a sick child like my parents had to do.