The animated series Harley Quinn originally featured a certain X-rated scene involving the caped crusader.
Imagine standing for hours on end in Catwoman's heels.
Excluding The Avengers, only Iron Man has been granted a second and third film, with Thor getting his second outing later this year, but if Marvel's latest recruits are anything to go by, they're already reaching the bottom of the barrel in terms of big names with the traction to carry their own series.
Perfect timing merges cat and woman, creating, of course, CATWOMAN. Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry have nothing on this
A few weeks ago, I got catty about Anne Hathaway's outfit for The Dark Knight Rises. But outfits are important in the Batman universe.
If anyone can pull off head-to-toe skintight leather, it's Anne Hathaway.
Anne Hathaway has peeled herself into a skin-tight leather catsuit for her turn as Catwoman in the forthcomingThe Dark Knight
Batman forums internet-wide can discuss it 'til they're blue in the motherboard. Hathaway may be beautiful, she may be talented, she may still have a hallowed place in my heart...but I'd rather get my claws into Pfeiffer's Catwoman any day. Meeeeeeow.
Anne Hathaway was back on set filming The Dark Knight Rises yesterday, showing off her enviable physique in that infamous
After much speculation, poor quality pirate uploads and innovative marketing strategies, the first teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's third (and final) Batman epic The Dark Knight Rises (2012) has finally hit the web, with Tom Hardy's villainous Bane in tow. And in my opinion, it was certainly worth the wait.