caveman diet

I had been on tour eating take-away food and five cans of lager a night and was weighing in at 14 stone. I'm 5' 9" so I can't carry that amount of timber, I had a pot belly and I hated it, but not only was I in the worst shape of my life but I was also about to start the most physically demanding prime-time show on British telly.
The Paleodiet mantra is that you should eat unprocessed foods in a bid to live as virtuously as our hunter-gatherer cavemen
The Paleo, Mediterranean and 5:2diet plans were some of the most popular of 2013, but as we move swiftly into the new year
Italian Fish Soup This warming soup is high in protein and loaded immune boosting vitamin C, garlic and zinc, making it the
The hunter-gatherer foods that people on the paleo diet reclaim as 'good' foods largely consists of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs. fungi and nuts - things that, hypothetically, pre-agricultural communities lived on. This means the exclusion of grains, potatoes, legumes, sugar and dairy, or anything else that has to be farmed.