CBB 2015

I'm not suggesting I want to see the celebrities sitting cross-legged in the living room singing 'Kumbaya' together (unless, of course, it's a part of some class of fabulous task). Arguments are as valid and necessary a part of the 'Big Brother' experience as anything else. But there has to be more than that to make it enjoyable.
Katie Price may have emerged from the Celebrity Big Brother house, but she's still furious with remarks made by her rival
Katie Price has caused little scandal in the house since her arrival, overshadowed somewhat by the arguments around her To
Following the early departures of Jeremy Jackson and Ken Morley, it's thought that Katie Price could be heading into the
Chloe explains the situation During the show, Jeremy was seen drinking alcohol before vomiting in the bathroom and Chloe
Perez Hilton and Patsy Kensit have been busy dropping huge ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ hints on Twitter. Perez, who as far as
Well, it’s been about five minutes since the official line-up for this year’s ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’ was confirmed