Today I am appealing for your help. If you think that I should be on the ballot in the Conservative open primary - even if you've either not yet decided who you'll be voting for or have decided that you'll vote for someone else - please let the panel know...
Labour has unveiled an extended jobs guarantee for young people, which would run for five years if the party returns to power
A local Conservative activist, famous for his crepe stand on Hampstead High Street, has made a series of bizarre comments
David Cameron's Twitter account started following a high-class escort agency on Wednesday, one that offered the "finest London
I joined the Conservatives because I want to spread the message of aspiration in all parts of the UK. I've done that for Conservative Future, as a councillor and for an MP. I see this role as leading by example and with a clear vision; for that we need the right people, with the right principles and the right policies to drive us onwards and upwards.
Conservative Future is at its strongest for years. With a small but significant number of tweaks, it could become a powerful and fulfilling organisation for many years to come. The next national chairman should be willing and able to support you, listen to you and be your voice in CCHQ, the party and media.
Mitt Romney fails to resonate with senior Conservative Party figures, most of whom have a much closer connection to Barack
Members of the secret services are expected to come under scrutiny as detectives redouble their efforts to solve the mystery
The Conservatives hired private investigators to check out the personal lives of supporters they featured in an ad campaign