CCTV footage

UPDATE: Brighton Hit-And-Run Victim Named As Andy Payne, full story here. Warning: graphic content Shocking CCTV footage
Extraordinary footage has been released of the moment a woman tried to stab a 15-year-old boy as he boarded a bus with his
CCTV footage emerged on Wednesday of a woman being sexually assaulted on her doorstep, as she struggled to open her front
A 71-year-old jewelry store owner was rudely interrupted when a would-be robber attempted a heist on his store. The thief
Harrowing CCTV footage has been released showing the moment a kidnapping attempt was thwarted by the victim's siblings in
Police are searching for information regarding a savage and apparently unprovoked attack which left a 60-year-old man in
Dramatic CCTV footage from Zhejiang Province, China shows hordes of strangers rushing to save a woman trapped under the wheels
Yes, that's an ox. Rampaging (as oxen are wont to do) through a hospital (as they're less wont to do). It happened in Hospital
How odd. Does this sort of thing happen there all the time? If so, we think Health And Safety should be told... (Via LiveLeak
This incredible footage shows the moment a passenger on board a Seattle bus reacted with incredible reflexes when confronted