cecil the lion

On July 1, Cecil, Zimbabwe's iconic and magnificent adult male African lion, was brutally shot and murdered in the name of
A pride of lions that became household names after featuring on the BBC's Big Cat Diary have been poisoned in Kenya's Masai
Being a Facebook good guy isn't just about cute pictures. You have to back this up with an online persona, true or false. Whether you voted Tory, UKIP or Kanye West in the general election, online you are staunch, lifelong leftie.
What's worse than Donald Trump? Probably this. Donald Trump is a hugely controversial American politician, having repeatedly
A hunter has shot dead one of the largest elephants ever seen in Zimbabwe, according to reports. The huge creature is thought
Zimbabwe will not charge Walter Palmer for killing Cecil the Lion because he did not break any of the country's hunting laws
A surge in demand for rhinoceros horn and pangolin scales across East Asia has led to an "epidemic" level of poaching in
Many thousands of words (at least!) have been written about the killing of the famous lion by the dentist Walter Palmer, yet
NEW YORK – A phalanx of camera crews and assorted global media, along with a few protesters, gathered outside a small dental
Walter Palmer, the American dentist accused of killing Cecil the Lion says he intends to return to work this week, as he