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True to her word, Keys has been photographed in public with no makeup on, and even performed at the recent final opening ceremony of the UEFA Champions League without even so much as lip gloss on, a scary thought for most women.
Due to our increasingly mediatised lives, we are craving ways to relate to the world around us which feel meaningful. Allowing ourselves to become part of a movement allows us the illusion of being more involved with the charity than simply handing over money.
If you've ever stumbled across an article on Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova you've probably seen the model wearing heavy
Michelle Keegan has defended herself on Twitter after critics claimed she had lied about not wearing makeup in a recent selfie
Jemima Khan shares her own #NoMakeupSelfie A number of stars have become involved in the campaign including pop star 'Corrie
People have accidentally been donating to the wrong charities as the "#nomakeupselfie" craze continues to swamp social media
Helen Flanagan is the latest star to post a 'no-makeup selfie' on her Instagram page. For the past few days, women have been