Celebrity Body

Is it possible to detect the sexually exploitative earlier? Various TV documentaries may broadcast accusations and confessions, but if there is a mass of evidence available now - why were signs not picked up before?
Is Gaga sending an alarming message to her millions of fans? Or has she stumbled onto a celebrity lifestyle plan that's actually healthy, and has lasting benefits?
This week gives us two different celebrity mums with differing body images stories that we can learn one message from - all women regardless of their size, experience criticism of their bodies not only from the media, but from themselves.
The supermodel and face of Burberry Body was snapped in Miami Beach with her long term BF Jason Statham yesterday. While
There's one very well known American trainer, whose client list resembles the Hollywood Walk of Fame, whose 30 day master plan involves lots of kale juice, protein bars and not much else. I mean, come on. I can get you thin on a diet of dust and water too. Your immune system might not thank you for it but hey, at least you'll be thin.