Celebrity culture

From tone deaf social media posts to furloughing misfires, our patience with the rich and famous is wearing thin. Will Covid-19 spell the end of celebrity as we know it?
Kylie Jenner would only have to make 40 Instagram posts to match Daniel Craig’s £31million salary for two Bond films
Within hours of yesterday's news that Angelia Jolie had filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, media and public speculation was
According to recent theory, the trend of taking "selfies" is actually linked to mental health conditions, with a focus on an individuals obsession with looks and image. Studies have revealed that the majority of teenagers who are image and body conscious, have a compulsion to repeatedly take and post selfies across social media sites.
I was sad when I saw the news of the death of Robin Williams. He seemed like one of those actors that would be around forever. You couldn't really imagine him dying. We took his presence for granted as if it would always be there. As soon as I found out of his death I, like thousands of others across the world, shared my sadness on social media.
As a woman I don't think I'm supposed to like the lyrics to Blurred Lines. I definitely don't think I'm supposed to like the video. I'm talking about the banned version where all three girls are naked and basically submissive throughout. (It's very easy to find on the internet by the way). OK, let's get down to it...
We do need to be careful about what our children are exposed to. No, we cannot protect them from everything all the time but we do need to be aware of what they see because children are sponges and they soak it all in - the good and the bad. Unfortunately, good role models and positive influences in modern media are rare.
How daring, really, is Angelina Jolie's decision to write about her recent operation? Is she really rebelling against celebrity culture or conforming to it? I think it's the latter
Beyonce recently broke the internet when she performed for 14 minutes at the US superbowl. Well, she didn't quite break the
In a society that tells us being famous is perfection, becoming a celebrity is a goal and true success comes in magazine covers and news headlines one man has achieved all he ever dreamed of.