Halala! The cuteness factor is enough to make us forget the sleepless nights...
Chrissy Teigen is known for her brutal honesty, especially when it comes to parenthood. In a recent interview with Yahoo
The recent trend of celebrity breastfeeding selfies bothers me. I fully support the intention behind these images, to raise awareness of breastfeeding's benefits and normalise breastfeeding in public... Many mums, despite heroic efforts, just cannot breastfeed their children... I felt ashamed I couldn't breastfeed.
Can a woman have a successful career and balance a family at the same time? Yes, of course she can, but there are going to be challenges; there are going to be sacrifices. We all know that. No matter which "work" we decide to focus on, kids or outside-the-home job, we are going to have questions about whether we are making the right choices.