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I can de-code what people are thinking, and how they will act in certain situations relatively easily, there are few things that one should be aware of when crafting yet another post on your timeline.
Kim Kardashian has celebrated reaching an Instagram milestone in a typically ‘Kim K’ way, by posing in her lingerie and snapping
Ant and Dec couldn’t resist trying to grab a selfie with Kim Kardashian as they shared the stage with her during the Brit
Check out our gallery below for all the best Instagram selfies and behind-the-scenes pics from this year's Academy Awards
As soon as the word ‘selfie’ sneaked its way into the dictionary at the end of last year, it became obvious that 2014 was
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After much speculation about whether or not he’d be taking part, David McIntosh has finally arrived in the ‘Celebrity Big
I'm ashamed to admit that when the trend first started, I too brushed it off as an over-indulgent social media phase that would probably just die out. Thankfully it hasn't - and the selfie is fast becoming one of the most incredible celebrations of women the internet has ever seen.
Ever since getting my iPhone and experimenting with apps like Snapchat and Instagram, I found myself taking more selfies and viewing myself in this way more regularly. It made me really look at myself and assess the aspects of my face and, in time, I realised that I actually really like the way that I look not just in the strategically angled and well lit photos that we take of ourselves.
If you're drifting through the modern world of selfies, social media and digital vanity without any clue about how to interact