Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

New rules mean vaccinated people can forgo face coverings and social distancing, even indoors.
Here's what we know about the president's health.
A coronavirus vaccine could be distributed as soon as late October or early November, according to guidance reportedly sent out to public health officials.
After Trump retweeted a QAnon falsehood about the CDC, Covid-19 and preexisting conditions, it became the party line.
At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we were sanitising groceries, surfaces, packages and more. Do we still need to?
The daily increase could reach 100,000 unless a nationwide push is made to tamp down the fast-spreading, according to Dr Anthony Fauci.
Across the country, cases of Covid-19 are suddenly surging, particularly in states that had begun to reopen.
Health officials reported more than 900 deaths in Brazil on Friday.
Cases of the syndrome among children are rising. Symptoms include fever, inflammation and organ damage, health experts say, and it can be lethal.
The number of deaths and infections around the world are likely far higher than government tallies suggest.
What is herd immunity? And can you get Covid-19 twice?
“Do not go to work, school or public areas. Avoid using public transportation, ride-sharing or taxis,” CDC advises.
The person had not been abroad and had no known contact with an infected person. The agency said it may be the first "community spread" case in the US.
Health officials confirmed that some 242 people had died from the flu-like virus in China’s Hubei province on Wednesday.
Lunar New Year celebrations have been cancelled across the country as the virus continues to spread.
The US will lose its measles elimination status if the outbreaks continue, the CDC warns.
As officials try to assuage fears, Christian Romero says his brother has already died from leptospirosis.
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