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The country's north/south divide laid bare a decade since spending cuts began.
'The challenges and opportunities ahead for Blackburn are very different to those for Brighton.'
Exclusive study by new 'Centre for Towns' think tank.
Jeremy Corbyn can become Prime Minister by swinging just a few hundred voters towards Labour in 45 small towns across the
Leave-voting Plymouth sends 68% of exports to EU.
Six of the ten UK cities most dependent on selling their exports to the EU voted to leave, a major report has found. Plymouth
Forecasts about the state of the UK economy make for gloomy reading; it's clear that 2012 will be a difficult year. But does this vary at a local level?
Youth unemployment is at a record high. The figures were all over the headlines last week - 1 million 16 to 24 year olds are now out of work. But youth unemployment is a problem that started rising long before the recession. If we can't blame rises in youth unemployment entirely on the recession, what can we blame it on?