Centre for Policy Studies

A report claiming over half of UK households get more in benefits than they pay in taxes is “extremely misleading” as it
People are choosing to start a business - it is not because they can't find a job. They don't want a job! Over half a million people took the step to start their own business in 2013; a UK record which looks likely to be beaten this year. Figures from ONS show three quarters of the increase in employment over the past quarter came from people employing themselves.
To claim an increase in minimum wage will not cause employment consequences is to ignore the prevalence of technology within low-skilled jobs. As the Centre of Policy Studies quite rightly points out, increasing minimum wage is "essentially a tax on those who hire unskilled labour".
George Osborne faces mounting pressure from Tory backbenchers to cut the top rate of tax from 45p to 40p after official figures
George Osborne and Tory ministers are making "unnecessarily heavy weather" of justifying why they cut the top rate of income
Love or hate Boris Johnson he tends to get things wrong as we all do because we are human and it's only natural but this time in my true and humble opinion BOJO has gone too far and overstepped the mark on all counts.
The government is "most unlikely" to meet its target to eliminate Britain's structural deficit by 2015, a think-tank has
The BBC, the Financial Times and the Confederation for British Industry (CBI) have been guilty of a pro-euro bias, a report
If we want a prosperous future for the UK, we must recognise that it is not enough just to get back to where we were before the recession. The uncomfortable truth is that, if we take a long-term view, our growth and wealth will need us to face up to three great challenges.