centre for sustainable fashion

Professor Frances Corner, Head of London College of Fashion opened the 3rd annual Kering Talk with the comment that when LCF moves to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2020, all the faculties and facilities will be under one roof, giving the students and teaching staff "literally the space to think".
It is the mandate of FIREup to allow designers space, time, academic support and funding to conduct reflective research and steer their business forward in a more successful and thoughtful way.
Fashion doesn't need to be created within the formal sector or have the approval of a 'genius designer' for it to be fashion. A broader spectrum of activity than that which takes place within the market is valuable. Fashion is much more than shopping.
The response to an atrocity in fashion, such as the devastating Rana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh, can be powerful, reverberating outwards to significantly amplify a push towards change. Through working hand in hand with partners in industry and business and through education how can we ensure this much needed change becomes embedded?