In my former roles as Head of Counter Terrorism in Belfast and Deputy Director General of the UK National Crime Squad I have authorised the use of many informants, recognise their worth and understand the benefits that they can bring... I have found myself being asked many times since the news of Operation Sanctuary broke, whether I would have authorised the informant known as XY. My answer is easy: no.
Competition between British police forces hindered the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and created
Former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Service (CEOP), Jim Gamble, has correctly pointed out that Cameron's demand that internet companies take action to block images of abuse online demonstrates a 'fundamental lack of understanding' about paedophiles and how they operate.
The Prime Minister has taken a very brave step, not just because he is taking on a problem that belongs to a multi-trillion pound industry that has changed the planet forever. But because he is saying that whilst he doesn't have every single answer to the technological problems he is not prepared to wait until he does.
How do you spot a paedophile? With great difficulty. While media coverage of cases of horrific child abuse and murder use terms such as 'evil', 'monster' and 'fiend' to describe perpetrators, the reality is that paedophiles generally look the same as everybody else.
Teachers are to be issued with a guide on how to deal with 'sexting' - the sharing of explicit photos or videos through mobile
Several Twitter accounts which were publishing images of child abuse have been suspended following a barrage of complaints
The NSPCC sent out Freedom of Information requests to all 43 local police forces in England and Wales. Inter alia they asked
A Scout leader, a retired teacher and members of the Armed Services were among 76 people arrested in raids as part of an
More than 40 police forces have been involved in raids as part of an operation targeting suspected internet paedophiles. Several