Ceri Hand Gallery

Eleanor Moreton's oil paintings, full of vivid colours that combine both the narrative and the abstract, have used history, mythology and psychoanalysis as reference points for her artistic themes. In her current exhibition, Tales of Love and Darkness, she uses traditional types of imagery - portraits and landscapes - as a vehicle for exploring them.
This excerpt from ****So Yeah, 2013 by Sophie Jung gives a flavour of the kind of stream of consciousness ramblings in the audio that accompanies some of the works in her solo exhibition Learning About Heraldry. Words are important to her.
The latest government survey shows that more people than ever are visiting museums and art galleries. However, a closer look at the figures shows that this is not the case with younger people. Dan Baldwin believes the experience of the rock business can help redress this.
There's a strong feminine tradition running through Hannah Knox's work. First, this 35-year-old graduate of the Royal College of Art use textiles as a base on which to paint and stitch.
34-year-old London-based Henny Acloque has experienced the death of her father and some close friends over the past five years and the re-evaluation she says to try to take positives from the deaths she believes has fed into her work at least subconsciously. Yet the drawings and paintings of Life After Magic are far from morbid.