These are the realities that the young ones face day after day. But parents also encounter a new set of challenges brought about by the age of connectivity. The latter grew up when uninvolved parenting was the norm. This experience had led to the rise of helicopter mums and dads, a parenting style that has gained a lot of flak off- and online.
If you want to stay focused and keep your dreams, desires and aspirations alive, a vision board is a must! You want to keep your desires on fire, create a mindset of possibilities and take baby step actions towards that date with your dream goal!
The UK general election is three weeks away and many voters may be considering the policy options being put forward by the political parties. At the time of writing the party manifestoes of the main parties have not been published but there have been leaks (particularly about Labour) about what these manifestoes will contain.
You've probably seen Annie or Oliver so you know about adoption? The tear stained lovable but unloved child that overcomes adversity to make good with some benevolent and well healed adoptive parents.
In our lives there are times we are tested, challenged and asked to question our own strength. I faced the challenge of rebuilding my life after the train crash and have faced many challenges since. So, I have come to understand that when facing challenge there are times when you have to fight the fear, run like hell in the other direction or enjoy and relish the opportunity.
Last night I had the pleasure of 'speed mentoring' eight female high performers from companies within our group - all of whom were fantastic.
People were welcoming and warm and quick to laugh. Almost nothing happened on time. Meetings started when they started and went on longer than expected. African Time existed in the Western Cape, too; it reminded me in this way of a less eccentric Kenya.
While my sense of lack of satisfaction is still very much there, and I find it hard to be proud of myself for going out or 'doing' something, I'm trying to take things one step at a time and realise that I'm working my arse off, and that's worth celebrating. And setting myself small, achievable challenges is definitely one way of helping me manage that.
That veranda, with its endless, ocean view, brought us both a semblance of peace in a time of growing turmoil and uncertainty. Just to sit there was enough. On other occasions, we would take my telescope up to the roof to study the stars.
The universe is always in motion and always growing. In nature, business, life and almost everywhere change happens in distinct and predictable cycles, yet when it comes to our own personal development people seem to strive for a status quo, a "balance". It's this desire for balance that can actually unbalances us.