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There was no hat-trick in the end, as there had been in the semi- and quarter-final stages, but it mattered little enough. Ronaldo has his final. The last speck of unsightly dust on his legacy has been polished away. Hail to the king.
What will the next big innovation be? It's hard to say. But if you're not seeing it in person, you'll almost certainly be tuning in online.
There has to be a first time for everything, right? Besides, according to Wenger - who has accepted the blame for Arsenal's European under performance in recent years - Arsenal have the bible on their side.
I spent at least five minutes last night trying to remember a better Champions League debut. I recall Rooney getting a hat
Will we see Zidane and Simeone in the Premier League, or are they so treasured at the Madrid clubs that they are the ones who will one day choose to leave? The Damoclean sword of the sack race is only three consecutive bad performances away. Who on earth would be a manager? Apart from those who can lead their team to trophies, adulation and eternal glory.
Leicester winning the Premier League title is a fairy-tale come true. Over the course of an entire season, an unheralded club, largely unknown outside the UK, have consistently outplayed all comers and left Spurs, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man U & Chelsea all in their trail. It may signify that the constellations are aligned to generate a whole host of miracles.
Leicester City, Champions of England. It has a ring of authenticity to it that's been hard fought for and deeply merited. Whereas "Champions Spurs" - well, it just doesn't sound right. It sounds instead like cheap fiction; and, as long as the club and the fans retain their current losers' mindset, that's just how it will remain.
To me... To you... Arsenal have responded to their Champions League rivals Barcelona in a cheeky PDA over legend Thierry
Why shouldn't we dream? We are in this title race, and as of now, we're in pole position. This side is brimming with quality and the unthinkable may occur after all. Regardless of whether this title challenge comes to fruition, my boyhood club, who I have seen at the lowest ebb in their history have become the globe's most exciting team and ooh-ya fighter, I am loving it.
Chelsea have sacked manager Jose Mourinho after just a little more than two years back in the job. Mourinho took charge in