Also getting relegated are Blackburn, whose malaise under poor ownership looks to be leading them closer to a Coventry-esque plughole, and Barnsley, who after such a fiery start are doing the opposite of last campaign and falling with an irreversible air. Expect Paul Heckingbottom to be in the Prem and third favourite for the England job next season then.
Many words have been used to describe the last season in English football, but one more than any other: unpredictable. A
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Hopefully the #holditin Campaign will gather pace, and make the decision makers at football clubs realise that with the introduction of Changing Places, more fans can access the Matchday Experiance, which provides a great Business model for a stable future.
As has so often been proven, making pre-season predictions about league football is the most certain way for a journalist
At this stage, anything could happen this season. Bournemouth could storm to the title with 110 points. Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal could all get relegated. Brendan Rogers could be revealed as a terrifying space lizard from Mars. They are all possibilities. They are all improbable, however (although I'm still not sure about Rogers).
The club started the season with a wealth of options in every area. Some had to go. But a few of the players Slade has let go for next to nothing (or literaly nothing) were far too good for that kind of treatment...
Last year at Christmas, Burnley, QPR and Leicester were the top three clubs in the league, with play-off final losers Derby fourth. As such, it seems a good time to assess the Championship's front-runners and whether they have what it takes to gain the prized promotion to the Premier League.
Who will be celebrating promotion? Usually the relegated sides are the safe option, and had I written this in August, I would most likely have predicted that Wigan, Fulham and Norwich would all be challenging for the top six, all in the top ten, and at least one returning to the promised land of grotesque amounts of TV money...
At the same stage in his career, Leon Jeanne was a highly hyped, pacey, skillful midfielder with the world at his feet. He had a few off-field issues, but City took a chance on him. Now he plays for Weston-Super-Mare. Nothing against Weston-Super-Mare. It's a nice place. I visited once. But let's hope Morrison doesn't go the same way.