The new app allows parents to scan the barcode of their everyday food and drink to see how much sugar, saturated fat and salt they contain in an easy to understand way so the healthy choice can be the easy choice. It also features food detective activities for children and mini missions that the whole family can enjoy, embedding healthy food and drink choices early on in life.
TAKE a look round the supermarket, your office, the train or even a traffic jam today: You might be surprised to know that of the people you can see, one in 17 has been diagnosed with diabetes. Plus another one or two have it but don't know it.
What are we to do about the UK's weight problem? Last week the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt called for some 'real national soul-searching' on the issue, and on Monday, a report from the National Obesity Forum (NOF) painted a grim picture.
An advert exposes the 'hidden nasties' in everyday foods launched on Monday to educate people to become 'food smart'. The
Is it really any surprise that 'lifestyle rationing' is beginning to undermine the notion that all are equally deserving of care and treatment in the NHS, when the medical profession are being urged to take an unhealthy interest in the way people choose to live their lives?
Families who plan their weekly food shop save up £1,500 a year and live healthier lifestyles, according to new research. A