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As a result, to say I am highly sceptical about the way care providers aggressively promote themselves in slick brochures and films is an understatement. As the Dispatches programme showed, Bupa are very good at promoting their values, less good at living them in all of the care homes that carry their branding.
It was a big decision to put my job on the line and take a financial hit, but to walk away and ignore the situation would have been wrong. I know what it's like to work under these conditions, and I've seen the pressure put on my colleagues. If you ask me if I would do the same thing again, my answer would be yes.
Since its publication in the summer, we have all had concerns about the final outcome of the Childhood Obesity Plan, but
In 2014 my husband was kidnapped by ISIS. I do not know if he is alive or dead, and every day I pray for some news of his well-being. Eighteen months ago we made the difficult decision to leave. But the problem throughout the world is that nobody wants Syrian people. To the rest of the world Syrian people and their children are very cheap; their blood is very cheap. We don't come to Europe to eat, we don't come here to have a flat. I stayed for years in Syria without much food, we stayed for five years without a lot of things. I don't want to eat, and I can stay in the streets if I need to. But I don't want to see my children dead in front of my eyes.
I have the privilege of being the guardian of one of Britain's most loved brands, Cadbury, the nation's favourite chocolate
It goes without saying that the situation in north east Nigeria is perilous. Boko Haram and other armed groups have committed some of the most horrific crimes in recent years and have intensified their attacks this year. Residents of Bama - for example - have been living in constant fear of attacks by militant fighters. In February this year Boko Haram staged its most deadly assault on the town. Locals report that attack left almost 100 people dead and more than 200 injured. Improvised explosive devices and grenades were used to destroy huge swathes of the town.
Reputation matters. Individuals, businesses, charities and all types of entities are taking more and more proactive action
The phone hacking scandal has brought to public attention investigators selling intrusive information on celebrities. This in some ways has distracted from a much wider issue of the trading in the private and most personal information on us all.