... Like A Plastic Bag? Once worthless: now worth 5p? The Katy Perry lyric has a whole new significance in England today
The storms that have battered our shores and drenched towns and villages this winter are a phenomenon we understand fairly well. The computer models do a good job at predicting the track of depressions and fronts, and this is affirmed by the accuracy of the forecasts we've all benefitted from in recent weeks.
Sometimes chaos and manic woo woo is the most attractive thing in our lives. It is seemingly the driver that pushes us forward. We throw ourselves into turmoil for the sheer purpose of feeling something, experiencing something and, we hope, to make things change for the better.
Are you hoping to embark upon a spiritual and soulful existence? If so you have my encouragement to just give it up, get back to your roots and simply be human.
Severe flooding in parts of Scotland is set to continue with heavy rains forecast for Strathclyde, Central, Tayside and Fife
A slug brought cars to a standstill when it crawled into a traffic light and shorted the circuit board. Council engineers
Novels with fractured narratives were once considered experimental and edgy but today they have become mainstream. Our complicated and increasingly uncertain lives seem to be mirrored by the fragmented structure of these often challenging novels.