Charles Manson

On their 50th anniversary, we look back at the murders that gripped America.
On the night of 8 August, 1969, Charles Manson and his followers invaded the home of film director Roman Polanski and his wife, actress Sharon Tate, in the Hollywood Hills. Polanski was away at the time, but Tate and four friends were brutally attacked and murdered by the group. Manson, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel and Charles “Tex” Watson continued their murder spree the next day, when they attacked Rosemary and Leno Labianca in their home. The group were arrested and convicted of the murders.
An A-list cast, $95 million budget and the Tate-LaBianca murders make this the most talked-about film of the year.
On 30 January 2019 a California panel recommended that former follower of Charles Manson, Leslie Van Houten, be paroled, after serving more than four decades in prison. The 69-year-old and and six other devotees stabbed to death Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary in 1969, a day after the infamous Tate murders.
Manson, 83, died in November in a hospital near Corcoran State Prison in California, 48 years after orchestrating nine grisly murders by his cult followers in the Los Angeles Hills.
When we consider the motives of Manson to cause conflict – so he would gain power – these still drive far-right agitators
For many readers, the Charles Manson cult and its murders were before their time. They were before my time too, but I researched
Strangely enough, some women see convicted murderers as “the perfect boyfriend.”
Manson was serving life for ordering the murders of nine people.
The cult leader who masterminded the murders of at least seven people died decades after prosecutors sought his execution.
Charles Manson, the wild-eyed cult leader who orchestrated a string of gruesome killings in Southern California by his “family
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Mass murderer Charles Manson is “seriously ill” and has been rushed to a hospital outside of his prison. It has not been
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Notorious murderer Charles Manson is 80 years old and in a Californian state prison for a series of killings (by members of a cult/commune 'Manson Family'), yet he has recently been granted a marriage license to wed 26 year old Afton Burton.
Marrying someone 54 years older than yourself might raise warning flags for some, let alone if the groom is a convicted serial
Sharon Tate, seen here on her wedding day to Roman Polanski, was one of Manson's victims. She was pregnant when she was killed
Charles Manson is set to be married again - or at least, that's what his biggest fan and supposed fiancee claims. The notorious