"This is for those who say gun control doesn't work."
Just hours after the FBI announced that last week's politically motivated attack on members of Congress at a baseball practice
Dylann Roof, the avowed white supremacist who massacred nine black churchgoers at Bible study in 2015, was sentenced to death
It's an easy answer and wholly unsatisfactory. Democratic America is what it chooses to be, but the issue is so aged, politicised and now polarised that banning guns is not only impossible, it would likely do little to stop the type of bloodshed witnessed last week in Roseburg.
Bryce Williams, the alleged gunman who killed a reporter and cameraman live on air reportedly said in a fax to ABC News that
American comedian Amy Schumer has been blamed for inspiring suspected murderer Dylann Roof for killing nine people in an
Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images When Nadine Collier, the daughter of Ethel Lance, one of the Charleston shooting
The Confederate flag was removed from the front of the South Carolina Statehouse on Saturday… then put back up by officials