Charlie Sheen

In the 30 years I've had HIV, I never expected to feel sorry, tender even, for a Hollywood actor, let alone Charlie Sheen: wanting to give this hot man-mess a hug, clap him on the back, spur him on to sober up and start living with HIV rather than dying from the shame of it. I really hope Charlie's self-outing as HIV positive does mark his final emergence from whatever swamp of chaos he's been floundering in this last five years.
Charlie Sheen broke his silence earlier today to confirm that he had been diagnosed HIV positive four years ago, and had
He added: "I was diagnosed four years ago. It started with cluster headaches and sweating in the bed. I thought I had a brain
Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen is reportedly to disclose he is HIV Positive, according to TMZ. The website revealed the news
Charlie Sheen has been accused of racism after he posted a tweet about President Barack Obama. The ‘Anger Management’ actor
And, if in doubt... But Charlie remains, for good or for bad, a lot more famous for what he gets up to AWAY from the TV studio
A video has emerged online showing Charlie Sheen doing what he does best - declaring that he's "f***ing hammered" and chatting
Clearly that’s going to be our response to everything from now on. However, a picture clearly paints a thousand words, as
Charlie Sheen has lashed out at Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, warning him that he'll put the actor 'on a hospital food diet
After three failed marriages, could Charlie Sheen have finally found 'the one'? The former 'Two-And-A-Half Men' star has