charlotte proudman

If Ms Proudman thought Mr Silk was in the wrong, surely there were other ways to handle it. Ignoring is always an elegant option. Reporting him to The Bar Association would be another. But one would not bring global attention and the other would have no chance of success.
But the columnist rebutted, claiming that David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson - all former members of the Bullingdon
A bunch of trashy newspapers ran smug stories (what's new pussycat?) where their glee and excitement shone through as they proclaimed that Proudman has made comments from her PERSONAL Facebook account to MEN SHE KNOWS praising them for their appearance. Er yeah and? I really am failing to see this so called hypocrisy the cretins are highlighting.
Yes, perhaps if a woman had complimented Proudman's LinkedIn picture she might have responded differently. Perhaps she wouldn't
This week, the media is going to town on the story featuring a female barrister, who received a pretty sleazy and flirty email on professional networking site LinkedIn, from a considerably older, married senior lawyer, who was clearly taken with the counsel half his age.
It's not often I'm surprised by the Daily Mail these days, over time you almost grow accustomed to their bile as it turns
Feminists are creating the "very monster that they claim exist", says a writer for The Conservative Woman, after a row escalated
Well, that was unexpected. The massive feminazi barrister Charlotte Proudman, who called out the lawyer 30 years her senior for messaging her to say she was 'stunning', sits around on Facebook all day, ogling men. AND women.