Charlotte Rampling

Whenever an African American wins an award it is viewed by the African American community as historic, and that is fair enough; the Oscar is routinely mistaken for cinema's highest honour. The academy, like the Hollywood system, is deeply discouraging to black American talent, and to a disturbing extent. The awards are few; decades pass between them. Hattie McDaniel won for her portrayal of a maid. Whoopi Goldberg for her portrayal of a con woman.
Charlotte Rampling has backtracked on her controversial comments she made about the Oscars diversity row. READ MORE: 'Sweeping
Charlotte Rampling does not think the Oscars have a diversity problem. In fact, the Academy Award nominee said on Friday
What a brilliant, bracing film this is, a character poem with the depth and lyricism of a John McGahern story, a contemporary classic untrammelled by easy answers.
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We're now into the home stretch of this laborious second series of 'Broadchurch', and I have to admit I'm no nearer to caring
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But mostly I am forever captivated by the way he can take something seemingly innocent and happy: a wedding, an act of kindness, a child or love, and slowly undress and destroy it right before our eyes revealing its true nature - as if you were dating someone too good to be true then you find out he's one of those adult nappy wearers, shocking.
The cast of the second series of 'Broadchurch' have been photographed together for the first time just a day after ITV confirmed
Juergen Teller's shockingly stark and no-holds-barred approach to photography has made him one of the most iconic lensman in the fashion industry today.