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With so many forms of escapism, you'd think one could be trusted to care for you in your hour of need, but no. Game of Thrones kills EVERYONE you like. All our favourite big TV shows go away on holiday for a year or maybe even longer, like a Dad who just 'popped out for a packet of cigarettes' in 1992 and is still to return.
Read more on The Huffington Post A football club already struggling to retain its fan base has suffered a major PR blow after
Sales of season tickets that are conditional on a meeting with a 'safety officer' and the signing of a contract restricting social media activity is not the way forward though. Surely this goes against everything we have learned about social media engagement and the new relationship brands have with their followers online?
Arsenal, Sheffield United, Hull City and, most spectacularly, holders Wigan Athletic booked Wembley berths in their FA Cup
It is nearly three years to the day since we took control of Charlton Athletic Football Club - and the time has come for us to step aside. The decision to pass the baton to someone new has not been taken lightly... It has been an honour to be so deeply involved in this great club for a short but significant time in its history.
Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy has retired with immediate effect. Murphy last played a professional match in Blackburn
Former Norwich and Coventry City striker Leon McKenzie has been jailed for sending fabricated letters to the police in a
Nine men were arrested today by police investigating suspected racist chanting by football fans. Police received reports