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Let's found a Culture Club that rallies round on a challenging but achievable target - like getting over 50% of the FTSE 350 signed up to the VyT framework by 2020. And report and track progress, directing the media spotlight on those who shine and those who don't.
Data from the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) and salary experts XpertHR that shows the gender pay gap is hitting professional women aged 40-plus hardest. This group is hitting a 'mid-life pay crisis' as they earn 35% less than men in comparable, full time roles.
The truth is, management needs a makeover for 2014 if new year optimism is to translate into long-term growth. We're facing two key challenges: the rapid pace of workplace change, and a mismatch between what managers need to be good at and what they are actually good at.
The long awaited Francis Inquiry Report exposed the true scale of the catastrophic management failings at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust. The scandal highlighted the lack of competent governance, poor working culture and ineffective management across the Trust and the wider NHS.
As with so many things, this all boils down to good and bad management. The organisations that thrive are the well-managed businesses that capitalise on the talents of all their people, regardless of their gender.
I hope this is the start of a new era for management. After the last few turbulent years, we need individuals to demonstrate that they work to the highest standards, while employers must seek out those employees and support them in meeting those standards. If managers and management are to gain the trust and confidence of their employees, customers and stakeholders, they must first take action to show they deserve it.